WaterGenius Launching end of May!

WaterGenius Pro Launching this Summer!

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WaterGenius is a free online tool to find the smartest ways to save water and money in your home. From shower heads to drought-tolerant landscaping, WaterGenius provides customized recommendations for water saving improvements by calculating the expected costs and savings for each project. It also connects you to local rebates, financing, and professionals. With WaterGenius on your side, you can make informed decisions that save money on utility bills, product purchases, and local services.

WaterGenius Pro helps grow your business through increased lead generation and sales conversion with:

  • Instant cost-benefit analyses
  • Sales tools powered by current local utility rates, rebates, and financing options

WaterGenius Pro introduces a cost-benefit tool that factors in the most recent drought regulations,
rate increases, and rebates at the local level.

Find out more at our "June 25 webinar"