Use WaterGenius, a free online tool, to find the smartest ways to save water and money in your home.

From showerheads to drought-tolerant landscaping, WaterGenius provides customized recommendations on water saving improvements by calculating the expected costs and savings for each project. It also connects you to local rebates, financing, and professionals. With WaterGenius on your side, you can make informed decisions that save money on utility bills, product purchases, and local services.

How it Works

With this information in hand, use WaterGenius’s listings of top-rated products and local professionals—as well as available rebates, financing, and incentives—to get started on water and money saving improvements in your home.

About WaterGenius

WaterGenius was developed by BKi ( to help mainstream efficient water use practices. It is part of our company’s 30-year track record of creating innovative market-driven consulting and software solutions for energy, water, and transportation.

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